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YANTRA Foundation

Prof. Ravindran

A Natural Therapist and Healer .He has an MD in acupressure and is a professor practicing Simplified Kundalini Yoga. He was under the able guidance of world renowned Dr. Devendra Vora, a master in acupressure and natural therapist. Prof.Ravindran was initiated to yoga by Sri. Vethathri Maharishi –Founder of World Community Service Center, Chennai.  A prolific speaker, he has conducted workshops and demonstrations in India and abroad on Acupressure- its Benefits and Simplified Kundalini Yoga.
Credentials • Member of International Naturopathy Organization, New Delhi. • Member of Board of Alternative Medicines. • Associate Member & Chairman of International Conference of Yoga, Naturopathy and Aroyga Expo 2012. • Member of International Sujok Association, Moscow. • Member of International Congress of Social Philosophy. • Member of Kamataka Darshan Parishat, Member of Rural Health Society (MRHS), Kolkata. • Fellow Membership of Rural Health – FRHS.

​YOGA, ACUPRESSURE AND N​ATURAL THERAPY FOUNDATION (YANTRA FOUNDATION) was founded by Prof. K. Ravindran in the year 2010. YANTRA is a registered NGO with si​x Trustees. The main objective of YANTRA is to create awareness among the masses about acupressure, yoga and all other natural therapies. Since the above therapy is of no cost or low cost, 100% safe as no side effect, means prevention, diagnosis and cure, YANTRA FOUNDATION ensures this wisdom reaches the very common man. Prof. K. Ravindran was initiated to Yoga by Sri Vethathri Maharishi, the founder of World Community Service Centre (WCSC) which has got centers all over the world. Prof. Ravindran was nominated as a Professor of simplified kundalini yoga (SKY) of World Community Service Centre (WCSC) Prof. K. Ravindran was trained under Dr. Devendra Vora, a pioneer in Acupressure Therapy and the author of world bestselling book "HEALTH IN YOUR HANDS". Prof. Ravindran has been practicing and imparting the knowledge of acupressure since 10 years. YANTRA FOUNDATION jointly conducts the acupressure workshop with Dept of AYUSH, Government of Karnataka for the general public as well as AYUSH Doctors in Bangalore and Mysore in 2011. YANTRA FOUNDATION has been conducting the acupressure and naturopathy workshops with well equipped and trained faculties throughout South India in particular. Prof. Ravindran was a visiting faculty in Karnataka University, Dharward, Dept. of Yoga Science. He has participated and presented papers on spiritual science, yoga and natural therapy in national and international conferences and seminars.